With headquarters in the UK and Australia, PX Pension Exchange is a truly specialist team.

We help you determine whether to transfer your UK pension and how best to do it. We’ll also manage transfers on your behalf both within the UK and abroad – and provide ongoing pension advice.


Help me decide if I should transfer my pension to Australia or explore other options in the UK –  then support me through the process.


Help me give my clients the most reliable and accurate UK pension advice possible.

Meet our clients.
Discover their stories.

We’ve used our expertise for almost 20 years to advise people in Australia with UK pensions on their complex challenges.

Our other specialist capabilities

Pension tracking & cash outs

If you have lost pensions, we’ll scour the market for you and report any unclaimed funds. We can also determine if cashing out is right for you.

Wealth management

Compliant with regulatory requirements in both countries, we can present you with a wider range of wealth creation and tax management strategies.

General financial advice

We’ll help you understand the impact of your tax residency status and bring clarity to your financial affairs.

UK State Pension top-ups

Let us support you as you navigate the complex world of UK State Pensions – and determine if it’s worth topping up your entitlements.

Foreign exchange optimisation

Stop losing significantly every time your funds are converted. We’ve created a foreign exchange solution that helps pay for itself.

Our people stand at the forefront of our industry

PX Pension Exchange has staff qualified in taxation as well as actuaries, financial advisers and international pension specialists in both the UK and Australia.

We are one of only a few teams in the world who can legally advise you on your pension in the UK – while giving you on-the-ground support in Australia.

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