UK pension transfers & advice

You’ve moved your life. Now we’ll move your pension.

When you moved to Australia, you had a lot to plan. But how much thought did you give to your pension? Transferring a UK pension to Australia is complex – and not always in your best interests. It also demands expertise that few financial professionals have. That’s when they turn to us.

It all starts with the right advice

Looking to transfer your UK pension to Australia? Or perhaps you’re wondering if a transfer is even worthwhile. Let our experts guide you – and clarify your many options.

We’ll calculate the true value of your pension, consider your financial goals and then present you with our recommendations. As experts in all types of UK pensions, from final salary/defined benefit to defined contribution, personal pensions, SIPPs and SSAS, we’ll give you:

  • A clear, decisive recommendation on how to act with your pension scheme
  • Impartial advice backed by technical and compliance support in both countries
  • A seamless process with a team who can also implement the advice on your behalf

We also restructure pensions – for big tax savings

Instead of moving your pension to Australia straightaway, we can restructure it in the UK (via our UK office).

This will help you avoid exceeding the Australian Non-Concessional Cap (NCC) – which means you could save a considerable amount of tax. It may also enable you to save substantial amounts of tax on drawing your funds in retirement.

How we help – if you’re under 55

You can only move your pension into an Australian superfund after you turn 55. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around twiddling your thumbs. Being proactive now can make all the difference later.

While you wait, the experts at PX Pension Exchange can:

  • Lock in your transfer value to ensure you’re not losing out over time (if in your best interests)
  • Manage your UK pension funds in the meantime so they’re working optimally for you
  • Develop a future transfer strategy within the Australian NCC to reduce your tax

How we help – once you’ve turned 55

As soon as you turn 55, you can transfer your pension to Australia.

However, even if we do determine that a transfer is worthwhile, you can only transfer it into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). Our experts can:

  • Help set up an Australian superfund that’s recognised as a QROPS
  • Create a transfer strategy that minimises your tax and falls within the NCC
  • Put your strategy into action and manage any funds still in the UK until your next transfer (to save you tax)

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