Cross Border Advice Process

Seamlessly co-ordinating the work for you across countries

To ensure that we can undertake our service for you in line with financial services regulations in both Australia and the UK, and to provide an overall seamless service, PX Wealth Pty Ltd (Australia) trading as PX Pension Exchange, works together with Xpat Limited (UK). The nature of this relationship means that different parts of the process are undertaken by different entities as follows:

Xpat Limited is fully authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Ref 459255.

PX Pension Exchange is a trading style of PX Wealth Pty Ltd. PX Wealth Pty Ltd ABN 65 627 589 780 is an Authorised Representative (CAR#1278590) of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 23 065 921 735 AFSL 229892.


1. Advice

  • Recommending if a transfer of your UK pension fund is in your best financial interests or not.
  • Creation of international pension strategies
  • Signing off on the transfer to allow this to proceed

2. Implementing the Transfer – UK.

  • Co-ordinating the UK pension transfer steps.
  • Restructuring UK pension funds to fit into the Australian non-concessional limits
  • Having an on-the ground presence in the UK allows this work to be completed efficiently, especially noting that a 3-month deadline applies in many cases

3. Ongoing Wealth Management -UK

  • Establishing a portfolio for your UK based pensions and investments
  • Reviewing and re-balancing your UK based pensions in line with your risk profile
  • Ongoing advice questions re your pension funds based in the UK


1. Advice

  • Recommending the most suitable Australian superannuation scheme for your UK pension to be transferred into when it arrives into Australia
  • Establishing the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund for the receipt of your UK pension monies (if applicable) and preparing all paperwork to have this approved by the HMRC

2. Receiving the Transfer – Australian side

  • Co-ordinating the Australian transfer in and taxation paperwork as required to receive the transferred pension funds into the Australian QROPS

3. Ongoing Wealth Management – Australia

  • Establishing a portfolio for your Australian based superannuation
  • Reviewing and re-balancing your Australian superannuation in line with your risk profile
  • Ongoing advice questions re your Australian superannuation set up, bearing in mind UK carry-over rules.

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