Give your clients the specialist advice they deserve

Do you have clients in Australia who have questions about their UK pension? If so, we have the answers. With our partnership, you can give your clients the accurate advice they need – thanks to our fully compliant team of advisors.

Who we partner with

Financial planners
Superfund advisers
SMSF specialists

Why partner with PX Pension Exchange?

Retain your clients

With our UK pension expertise, you can offer a more holistic service and preserve your client relationships.

Offer fully compliant advice

Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, we’re able to offer financial advice in both the UK and Australia.

Work with our qualified actuarial staff

We perform critical calculations to determine the true value of your clients’ pensions – and whether a transfer is worthwhile.

A world leader with a circa 20 year history

Qualified in both the UK and Australia, our financial advisers and actuarial staff have transferred thousands of pensions to Australia – and advised UK pension holders for almost 20 years.

Our services at a glance

Pension transfer advice & implementation

With UK regulated pension transfer specialists, we can advise your clients on UK pensions of all kinds – and help transfer them over to an Australian superfund.

Post-transfer support

From tax calculations and withdrawals to QROPs and   compliance, we can look after your clients in a variety of ways after their pension transfer.

Strategic pension management

While your clients wait to transfer their UK pensions, we can also develop UK-Australia pension strategies to secure greater tax benefits – and a more secure retirement.

QROPS establishment

UK pensions can only be transferred to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). PX Pension Exchange can help you establish a QROPS.

Lost pension recoveries

By tracking down your clients’ lost pensions, we can help grow their wealth and improve their retirement lifestyle.

UK State Pension entitlements

We can identify whether maximising your clients’ State Pension entitlements is ideal. And if it is, how they can do so effectively.

Retirement plans for travellers and international assignments

If you have clients who live and work outside Australia, we can help create international retirement strategies to suit their changing circumstances.

Pensions on Divorce

If you have clients who are going through a divorce, our international team can provide advice on UK pension splitting and transfers.*

*Undertaken by the UK office.

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