Leading the way in UK-Australia pension strategies, advice and transfers

PX Pension Exchange was initially established in the UK, in 2002 (via Xpat Limited and our secondary brand Prism Xpat), by Actuaries and Financial Advisers dually qualified in both the UK and Australia. Our business was developed specifically to focus on providing the highest quality UK-Australia pension advice and transfer service.

Background. Specialists since pre QROPS times!

Our Australian presence commenced in 2004, through an international affiliate model, whereby we partnered and worked with Australian banks, financial advisers and accountants to provide a seamless pension service between the UK and Australia. We have continued to work with many of these partners ever since.

We were around before QROPS! QROPS came onto the market in 2006 and changed many of the rules around international pensions. However, our close to 20 years of expertise means that we understand how to advise on all UK pensions, including those which you may have had well before QROPS.

One of our founders is still with us and can talk you through close to 20 years of UK-Australian pension strategies (having worked in this area on a daily basis since).

To see articles going back to pre-2006.

Trusted by Clients and Professionals alike

Since 2002, we have worked with:

  • The Australian government. Including presenting numerous times on UK-Australia pension issues at Australia House in London, being part of a UK-Australia working group to discuss UK-Australia pension strategy and being invited to attend an international residence summit with the Australian government in the UK as the specialist on international pensions and finances
  • Three of the four main Australian banks as well as Macquarie Bank. Clients have been referred to us for assistance. We have also been the experts called upon by Macquarie Bank to write an in-depth article on UK pension transfers and associated complexities which was hen distributed to their national advisory workforce;
  • Large Australian Super Funds who have referred clients to us
  • Over 50 Australian based financial and accountancy businesses who have required specific international expertise associated with UK pensions,
  • Thousands of clients from all walks of life

We have been interviewed by the BBC on UK TV and quoted in the Times– amongst any others – always as the UK-Australian pension specialists.

We’re based – and fully compliant – in both countries

With dual headquarters, PX Pension Exchange has specialist advisers based in the UK and Australia.

This makes us one of only a few teams in the world who can legally advise you on your pension and act on your behalf in the UK – while also giving you on-the-ground support here in Australia.

That’s because we’re fully compliant with all regulatory requirements under the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and ASIC in Australia.

We’re fully transparent (and don’t accept commissions)

At PX Pension Exchange, we believe in open, honest client relationships. That’s why our pricing structure is fully transparent. What you see is always what you get.

Also, we only establish pension schemes with low-cost providers – and don’t recommend products with unreasonable entry or exit fees.

And because we don’t accept commissions, you can be sure we always have your best interests at heart.

In summary, over almost 20 years of trading, our purpose has not changed.

We are here to assist you obtain the best possible outcome with regards to your UK-Australia pension and superannuation so you can live the best retirement possible.

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